Record Release Show and What's Next!

Image by Zahra Bakhsh Photography

So I’m absolutely blown away by the support that I’ve received over this record release. It’s something that I almost didn’t even do… I was ready to just have the record and move on to the next thing. “This is just for me, maybe I’ll have a listening party with a few key people” I thought. It didn’t go that way.

This was the first time I’ve ever put on a show on my own (which is kind of impressive considering how much I’ve played), and it was a massive learning experience. From first contact with the venue, through putting together bill, rehearsing the band, inviting everyone who I thought would be interested - to having a sold out release show where people were being turned away at the door (which I do feel bad about, but I suppose it’s a good problem to have).

I can’t thank Emily Bridle enough for giving me the kick in the butt that I needed to get started; Matt and Holly of FXRRVST for constantly opening up opportunities for me and my music; and Jenn Fiorentino for being there for the last decade encouraging my music. I was so happy that you could all be at and participate in the show. And all the people that packed the venue! Again, I can’t believe it.

What’s next?

Playing shows. Putting things on the books and making them happen! I am currently working on a couple shows in September and a mini tour at the end of November with a couple of awesome bands. Also KBRESSERmusic is getting a fire lit under its (my) ass so we can start making an impact with musicians out there who want to share their passion with the world!

Stay tuned!