The Kevin Bresser EP Journey

So here we are! It has been a long journey but FINALLY the record is done and ready for release.

In high school I was in a duo called Pyth (I’ll hyper link later if I can find anything online) with my buddy Johnson and we recorded a record in his basement. It actually sounded pretty good but it was definitely more his project than it was mine. After he went off to school and we stopped making music together, having a record of my own music became more of a dream than a goal. I had multiple false starts with producers and friends with studios and eventually I just became someone who supports other artists. I’ve been on many studio recordings and coached/directed many artists but my own music fell by the wayside. I continued playing and writing but I was definitely not effective in building my solo career.

A couple years ago after graduating from Seneca’s IMP and IPS programs, I reconnected with my buddy Ross and we started recording my EP. Stuff that used to get in the way (money, time, my own inner monologue)… well it definitely didn’t go away… but all that chatter was quieter. Ross really supported my music and invested considerable time and energy into working with me to bring each song to life.

I realized recently that deep down I’ve considered having and investing in a music career was irresponsible. I even left music for a while to get a “real job” and “provide for my future family”. And really, I was right - going about a music career the way that I had been was definitely irresponsible. In the process of putting this record and release together, I’ve gotten a taste of what it actually means to be in the music industry and there is loads more to learn - but now I’m excited for it and not scared.

Who I am as an artist is the space for humanity to show up. All the good, the bad, the ugly… the contrast, the mistakes, the love, the anger, the indifference. All the things that people push down or push away. These are all human experiences and I want people to know that they are safe and that they are not alone.

I can’t wait to play for the packed house on Thursday (Aug 15 2019) and I hope to see you there! I’ll post an update after that as well as all the links to all the things!

Love you all!

- KB