Creating Content - EP and Videos

I've always had a problem with playing shows without having anything to leave behind... When I was in school one of my teachers said something along the lines of "if you don't have a record, you're not in the music industry" and that really hit home. I've had albums in the past but nothing that I've ever been proud of enough to promote.

About a year ago I started working full time and it's really forced me into the position to look at what I'm doing with my time when it comes to music. If I have less time to perform, I need those performances to mean more and to do more for my career as an artist... which brings me back to my first point: I'm not really in the music industry. So I've opted to stop doing open mics and little performances for the time being so I can use what time I have to focus on creating content so when I DO play, I can leave something behind.

So here's what I've been up to:

EP: I've gotten together with RHC Music to finally create my solo EP. We started with re-doing Alive and are in pre-production of the next four songs. Tell Me and Outta My Mind are next on the list with two more left to be selected. I'm super stoked to finally have something that I'm proud of with my name on it. Keep an eye on Instagram for pictures and videos of the process!

Video: Something I've always hated was my YouTube channel. A few "ok" quality videos of me doing covers and some crappy webcam videos of some of my originals: completely unprofessional looking and in no way representative of me as an artist. Lately I've been focusing on high quality live videos with good sound and editing so keep an eye on my YouTube channel as those will be rolling out slowly. BUT WHEN NEW VIDEO CONTENT AND A NEW EP COME TOGETHER IT GETS REALLY EXCITING:

The new version of Alive with a new music video. This was a fun project and I hope you dig it. This has been kind of a scattered post because I haven't said anything in so long but keep an eye out for more cool stuff! Slowly the performances will ramp up again but until my album prelaunch stuff, I won't be playing unless it satisfies a specific need. Keep an eye out for new stuff on my YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!

- KB