New Single is Complete! (and so is IMP)

So I've spent the last 8 months learning that I was wrong about pretty much everything that I thought I knew about the music industry (woops?). For those who don't know, in January I started Independent Music Production at Seneca College, and to be honest I didn't really expect much to come from it - I mostly wanted a piece of paper that said I did something musical - but it really changed my understanding of the music industry and who I want to be in it. I won't get into too much detail about that now, but it's safe to say that I went into the program kind of floundering around after my big gig fell through. Now coming out the other end I'm much more focused and I finally have a direction (which I've literally never had), so if anyone reading this is considering taking IMP, I say do it... A lot of people waste their time but if you work your ass off you'll get a ton out of it and figure out your own path. I'm kind of running high and I'm probably being overly optimistic and discounting that TIME is also something that I need to build what I want to build but I'm just enjoying being excited about the music industry for probably the first time ever. I'm starting Independent Songwriting and Performance in a few weeks and if I get anywhere near as much out of that program as I did out of IMP, I really excited to become that person.

Anyway, on Friday I finished my last assignment and heard the masters for the IMP CD and it sounds killer. Check it out below, it's also on my media page with a couple other songs. We are having our CD Release show at Hard Luck Bar on September 24th. It's FREE and you get a CD so put it on your calendars. I'll post more info here and/or on when the details are finished being worked out!