May Update

Shit's gettin crazy yo. Some may know that I am currently at Seneca College for Independent Music Production and our final project is a self recorded, mixed and produced track. This is going to be a ton of work but I'm seriously looking forward to it. It will also get me super prepared and psyched for my Songwriting and Performance courses starting in September.

Anyway. I think I may be on to something new and cool; for those who know my older material hopefully it won't come as too much of a shock to you. My participation in this course so far has led me to some new ways to really combine my influences and interests into a form that may even be marketable (gasp, am I right?). My final project song will be this kind of track so stay tuned and get excited because if it sounds anything like what's in my head, it will be really cool! Here are some other awesome things that are going on so far this summer (the confirmed things anyway):

June 11 @ The Central (Toronto)  /w Of The Atrium, Kyle Fraser and Growing Find

June 12 @ The Crown (Richmond Hill) /w Three Chief Tribe, King Beez, Emanupunk and The Real

June 20 @ Markham Village Music Festival (Markham - North Stage) /w a TON of awesome people

June 20 @ Long & McQuade (Markham) /w some more awesome people

For more info on those events check out my SHOWS page or the hyperlinks I've posted above! I've got some other stuff cool stuff in the works or are yet to be confirmed so stay tuned!

- KB