Grants, Awards and Songwriting Competitions

This stuff has been on my mind a lot lately -- partly because of my business and songwriting classes in school; partly because I dropped my laptop off my bed again (and I'm not sure how many more times I'm gonna get away with doing that) -- and I'm trying to figure out other revenue streams that I can exploit during those random times when I'm not in school or performing. Teaching and performance opportunities are slim at 10:30am so it's probably smart to really look into things like this. For those who are looking for this kind of thing, stuff that I'm considering applying for and you should check out:

  • Chalmers Professional Development Grant: There are a ton of cool things to do with this grant. I'm looking at some private teachers and workshops around the world that could help me get to the next level as a vocalist and as a musician in general. Gotta come up with something really cool if I'm going to go for this one. Deadline June 2.
  • Ontario Arts Council: Popular Music (Creation): Pretty awesome. Can receive a grant of up to $4,000 to really kick my own ass and make some awesome music. There is a recording category too (worth more money but way more complected and not for me at this point). Deadline is June 16.
  • Scotiabank RisingStar Singing Contest: Could amount to a cool performance opportunity and some $$ for some people. Down side (and the main reason I might not submit for this) is the social media voting thing. I hate being spammed... I hate spamming people. We'll see. Deadline April 16.
  • Unsigned Only: You gotta pay a fee for this one ($35) but the people they have judging the competition are pretty awesome. Top prizes is $10,000 and a bunch of other stuff. I can imagine that with a prize that big the entrants will be ridiculous and already pretty well connected but who knows. Deadline April 30.

So yeah, those are a couple of the things that I'm looking at right now. I could apply for one or all or none of them but it's good to know there are ways to be productive in those random times when I can't think of anything else to do. FACTOR is a whole different beast that I haven't really looked into yet but if anyone out there reading this wants to look at that, they have a ton of options. There is money out there for people taking their music and their career seriously and I'm know I'm just scratching the surface!

- KB