IPS and New Directions

It's November now and the first 7 week mod of IPS is complete. The ton of overlap from IMP and being required to learn Logic when I just spent 8 months learning Protools was a little frustrating (especially because Logic is Mac specific and I have a PC) BUT I can already see that I'm thinking very differently about songwriting... also Logic is about 7,000,000% easier to do MIDI stuff than Protools so it definitely has not been a waste of time. It has also been good to brush up on my theory and Steve Briggs is an awesome guitar teacher (I've never taken a private guitar lesson in my life until September). So yeah, it can be a little frustrating sometimes but if you dig for gold you tend to find it. We'll see what the next 21 weeks has in store.

In other news, at the beginning of September I recorded a second track at Orange Lounge with Steve Briggs, John Switzer and Gary Craig (in place of Tim Oxford on drums). It will be a while before I can post it because most of my music related time is being devoted to school but I will post it as soon as it's mixed and presentable. 

My music seems to be going into two very distinct different directions, as became clear while trying to make production calls for Outta My Mind and how it should fit with Alive. I think the answer is to just commit to the two different styles as two different projects: one being more acoustic guitar centred and the other being more groove centred. This idea is kind of cool for me because by creating the "Alive" type music as a project different than "Kevin Bresser", I can allow myself to have a completely different mindset about how I do things. It creates some space between me and the music so I can have the ability to promote and develop the project and not feel so gross about it like I do when I'm promoting myself. I think that "Kevin Bresser" is me and everything that happens to "Kevin Bresser" matters so much to me that it makes it hard to move forward on things like... I don't know... booking shows and recording albums. There isn't much direction (despite my efforts to create some) because it's essentially my life set to music and it gets me too caught up in the wrong things. Having a specific project to focus on allows me to make a plan, a brand and a sound, and lets me look at it from the outside like "what would that guy do" while still being authentic about what I'm doing when I am "that guy". Anyway, if anyone understands that or not (hopefully someone reading this will be like "yeah bro I feel you"), it may be a side door to get around some of the things that stop me. I just need a name for the project. The best I can come up with is "Kevin James" but I'm no King of Queens...

- KB