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Kevin Bresser is a performer and songwriter from the Toronto area who has spent over a decade figuring out how to smash indie rock and pop R&B together with an acoustic guitar. With his intriguing chord voicings and soulful melodies, Kevin Bresser breaks the typical “4-chord singer-songwriter” stereotype and delivers something that only he can. He brings the experience of over a decade of songwriting and performing as a solo artist and freelancer (incl. 7 years of singing with a cappella groups and 5 years of coaching and directing musical groups) onto any stage, whether it is an open mic in his home town or the 1000 seat Centrepointe Theatre in Ottawa, Canada.

Kevin Bresser first set his tiny feet on stage at the age of six years old singing backup vocals and playing shaker eggs for his dad, Herman Bresser, and in solo competitions singing songs like Where is Love from Oliver Twist. Twenty years later, was he performing with and directing groups (incl. WIBI A Cappella, Impress Productions, Waterfront BIA), coaching bands and performers (incl. School of Rock) and touring as Jenn Fiorentino’s drummer. During those 20 years, music grew from a bonding activity with his father, to being an outlet to deal with the depression and social anxiety of being a teenager, to a way to improve the lives and careers of the people around him. After leaving York University’s music program for jazz percussion, in 2011 Kevin Bresser attended Seneca College for Recreation and Leisure Services with the intent of designing programs to teach at-risk youth leadership skills through music, and in 2013 he began teaching music lessons privately with the hopes of making his students more successful in their lives, not just in music. In 2014, Kevin Bresser became musical director and guitarist for a project, but in the music industry there is no such thing as a sure thing: after winding down the majority of his students and leaving all of his bands and groups the gig suddenly fell through. This however was a blessing in disguise; in the depression that ensued, he realized that he had become a shadow artist: putting all other careers before his own because of anxiety and self-doubt. In 2015, Kevin Bresser enrolled in Seneca College’s Independent Music Production and Independent Songwriting and Performance courses to learn about the industry and finally push his own career in the direction he always secretly wanted it to go: up.

Now ten years into his music career, Kevin Bresser is recording his long awaited solo EP that combines the experiences of his entire journey so far. Kevin Bresser continues to maintain a small number of private students and play drums for Jenn Fiorentino.